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The National Memorial for the Unborn is dedicated to honoring children lost to abortion and miscarriage with the utmost compassion and tender care for those grieving their loss. Here you can acknowledge those tiny little lives and give them the honor and dignity they deserve by choosing:

Often, our clients find healing in scheduling a small, private memorial service in which their plate or brick is placed and the Certificate of Life is presented.

Please contact our office to schedule a memorial service or for any questions concerning honoring your child. Your information will remain confidential as we seek to assist you in your healing process and giving dignity and honor to your child.

A Burden Lifted

angel-smallOne common need of families of aborted children is for a unique place of healing...a place where loss and grief can be shared with others who have suffered similarly, a place where the unborn can be honored and remembered in a tangible way, and a place of closure. Now there is such a place.

Honor Your Child 

Hope & Healing

counselingpromoAbortion can be one of the most traumatic experiences in a person's life.

You may feel hopeless and helpless, but you are not alone!

Counseling services are available to help bring healing and restoration.

Counseling Services

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